DVR/Watch us nationwide on cable/satellite channel, Reelz: 10PM & 11:30PM(PT)/1AM(ET)

  • AT&T Uverse Ch 799/1799HD
  • DirecTVCh.238
  • Dish Network, Ch. 299
  • Verizon Fios, Ch. 233
  • For cable systems in your area, go to

Local Broadcast Stations



Dothan: WTVY2 MyTV 4:30AM

Birmingham: WVUA Ind. 4:00 PM

Huntsville: WHNT CBS 1:30AM & WHNT.2 7:00AM

Mobile: WALA FOX 1:30AM & 3:30AM


Anchorage: KYES MyTV Sundays at 5:30PM & 2:30AM


Phoenix: KAZT Ind. 4:30AM


Little Rock: KASN CW 3:30AM


Chico: KRVU MyTV 2:30PM and 3:30AM

Eureka: KECA2 MyTV 2:30PM/3:30AM

Fresno: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM

Los Angeles: KCAL Ind. 1:00AM

Monterey: KOTR MyTV 7:00PM

Palm Springs: KDFX Fox 1:00AM

Sacramento: KQCA MyNet 5:00AM; Saturdays KCRA 6:30PM

San Diego: XDTV MyTV 4:00PM/7:30AM

San Francisco: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM

Santa Barbara: KKFX Fox 1:30AM


Denver: The Cable/Satellite Channel, Reelz 11:00PM

Colorado Springs: KWHS (Ind) 12:30AM


Hartford/New Haven: WTHN ABC 1:05AM


Wilmington: WDVM TV 3:30PM

District of Columbia

WDVM TV 3:30pm


Gainesville: WGFL.2 MyTV 2:30AM

Jacksonville: WCWJ CW 1:30AM

Miami: WBFS MyTV 3:00AM

Orlando: WRDQ Ind. 1:30AM

Panama City: WECP CBS 1:30AM

Pensacola/Mobile: WALA FOX 1:30AM

Sarasota/Tampa: WWSB ABC 1:37AM

Sarasota/Tampa: WSNN Ind. 7:30PM and 11:30PM

Tampa: WTOG CW 6:00AM

West Palm Beach: WFLX FOX 6:00AM


Albany: WSST Ind. 5:30PM

Atlanta: WUPA CW 4:30AM

Columbus: WCBI.2 MyTV 3:30AM


Honolulu: KHON.2 Hawaii’s CW 10:00AM & KWHE Ind. 10:00PM


Boise: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 11:00PM

Twin Falls: KMVT.2 CW 3:30AM


Chicago: WCUU TheUToo 1:30PM/1:00AM

Moline/Rock: WQAD3 MyTV 2:30AM


Ft. Wayne WPTA.3 MyTV 8:30AM

Indianapolis: WHMB (Ind) 12:00AM

South Bend: WHME Ind. Mon-Thur, Sat 11:30PM


Cedar Rapids: KCRG ABC 1:05AM 

Davenport: WQAD3 MyTV 2:30AM

Des Moines: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM

Sioux City: KCAU ABC 2:30PM


Wichita: KCTU 2 4:30PM


Louisville: WBNA TV 21 1:30PM


New Orleans:WHNO (Ind) 11:30PM & Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz, 12:00AM

Baton Rouge: WBRZ ABC 1:05AM

Lake Charles: KSWL 5:00AM

Shreveport: KPXJ CW 6:30AM


Baltimore: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Hagerstown: WDVM TV 3:30pm


Boston: WCVB ABC 1:35AM; Saturdays 11:35PM

Boston/New Hampshire: WMUR ABC 1:35PM

Springfield: Fox6 1:35AM


Detroit: WADL Ind. 6:00PM and 12:30AM

Flint/Saginaw: WNEM2 MyTV 1:00PM

Grand Rapids: WXSP MyNet 7:00AM

Traverse City: WMNN Ind. 10:30AM & 6:00PM


Minneapolis: KSTC Ind. 1:30PM

Rochester: KIMT.2 MyTV 3:00AM


Jackson: WJTV2 CW Mon-Fri, 2:30PM

Tupelo: WCBI2 MyMT 3:30AM


Kansas City: KCWE 12:30AM

St. Louis: KMOV MyTV St. Louis 1:00AM

Springfield: KSPR ABC 2:30AM


Las Vegas: KTNV ABC 1:35AM

New Hampshire

Manchester: WMUR ABC 1:35AM

New Mexico

Albuquerque: KASY (Ind) 2:30AM

New York

Albany: WNYA MyTV 6:30AM

Binghamton: WICZ FOX 6:30AM

Buffalo: WNLO CW 6:00PM

Elmira: WJKP MyTV 4:30PM

New York City: WABC ABC Late Nights Fri, Sat, Sunday and weekend daytimes; check your local listings for times and Cable Channel Reelz nightly M-F 1:00AM

Rochester: WBGT MyTV 11:30AM

Watertown: WVNC NBC 6:30AM

North Carolina

Charlotte: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Greensboro:The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Raleigh: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Wilmington: WILM TV Independent 3:30PM

North Dakota

Bismarck: KBMY.3 MyTV 4:30PM

Fargo: KCPM MyTV 5:00PM and 5:30PM & WADY.3 YZTV 5:30PM


Cincinnati: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Cleveland: WMFD Ind. 3PM; The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Columbus: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Dayton: WRCX Ind. 7:30PM

Lima: WLIO.2 FOX 3:30AM

Mansfield/Cleveland: WMFD Ind. 3:00PM

Toledo: WTVG.2 CW 1:30PM

Youngstown: WBCB CW 1:00AM


Oklahoma City: KSBI MyTV 8:30AM

Tulsa: KWHB (Ind) 10:30PM


Portland: KPTV Fox 1:00AM; The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM


Harrisburg: WHP.2 Ind. 4:00AM and 8:30AM

Johnstown/St. College/Altoona: WHVL MyTV 7:30AM

Pittsburgh: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

Philadelphia: WPSG CW 5:30AM

Wilkes-Barre: WQMY MyTV 12:30AM

Rhode Island

Providence: WNAC2 MyRITV 11:30PM

South Carolina

Charleston: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

South Dakota

Sioux Falls: KCPO Ind. 5:00PM and 9:00PM


Chattanooga: WFLI.2 2:30AM

Memphis: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM

Nashville: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM


Abilene: KXVA.2 MyTV 6:30AM

Amarillo: KCPN MyTV 10:30AM

Austin: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM and KXAN Saturdays 2:00AM and 2:30AM

Corpus Christi: KUQI MyTV 9:00AM

Dallas: KTVT CBS 1:12AM

El Paso: KVIA ABC 1:05AM

Houston: KPRC NBC 1:07AM

San Angelo: KIDY.2 MyTV 6:30AM

San Antonio: KCWX MyTV 6:30AM

Waco: KYLE FOX 7:00AM

Wichita Falls: KJBO 5:00PM


Salt Lake City: KTVX ABC 12:37AM


Seattle: KONG Independent 6:30PM

Washington D.C.: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

West Virginia

Clarksburg: WVFX FOX Mon-Thur 2:00AM Fri 2:30AM


Madison: WIFS 12:00AM

Milwaukee: WCGV MyTV 7:30AM; WVTV CW 1:30AM


Casper: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 11:00PM

Cheyenne: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 11:00PM

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